The Bermondsey rooftop that costs £450,000

News Desk (17 December, 2015)

The estate agents have described the sale as a "unique opportunity."

7029The £450,000 rooftop

An empty patch of roof overlooking Bermondsey Street is being sold for a staggering £450,000.

People have been hitting the roof over the extravagant cost of the third-storey site, which estate agents Stirling Ackroyd described as a “unique opportunity.”

The space comes with planning permission to build a one-bedroom flat measuring 52 square metres – roughly the size of a shipping container.

The empty terrace, which Stirling Ackroyd boast is located in “London’s coolest quarter”, requires a deposit of £45,000. Slammed as “crazy expensive” by one user of internet discussion board Reddit, the sale quickly attracted the ire of disbelieving commenters.

Another added: “It appears you could homestead a spot on Mars these days cheaper than you can live in London.”

Others, however, saw the site as an astute investment, given the current price of property in London and potential for resale.

“A conservative estimate would be about £250k to build the whole thing, so you could get a penthouse for £700k,” one person reasoned. “It won’t be unlikely that it’ll probably resell for £1m+ as well.”

The Stirling Ackroyd advertisement for the site said it was a chance for someone to create a property “specifically to their style and specification” – providing your dream home can be perched on a narrow, third-storey ledge, of course.

How an artist imagines a one-bedroom flat would look on the rooftop

How an artist imagines a one-bedroom flat would look on the rooftop


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