The Macbeths of Rotherhithe

Staff Reporter (27 October, 2021)

Shakespeare's masterpiece of ruthless ambition

49365The Macbeths

Enjoy a unique and intimate encounter with the Macbeths, ancient Scotland’s ultimate power couple, as they scale the heights from minor aristocracy to absolute rule, calling on every ounce of their cunning, audacity…and the forces of darkness!

But as their marriage crumbles their schemes spiral unexpectedly out of control. Can either be rescued from the abyss?

Faithful to Shakespeare’s magnificent poetry, imagery, and insight our fast-moving production hones his masterpiece to a sharply focused 90 minute exploration of a marriage in crisis and an England and Scotland divided as never before.

The Macbeths features a returning cast of Rotherhithe Playhouse all-stars and features Gabriel Haastrup (Magwitch in Great Expectations) and Megan Henson (Biddy/Clara in Great Expectations) as the ruthless couple supported by fellow Expectations cast members: Eddy Payne as the rightful king in waiting, Beatrice Vincent as fellow warrior and whistleblower, and Jan Olivia Hewitt as queen of darkness. They’re joined by returning cast members Elizabeth McNally (The Rotherhithe Gospels) and Michael Martin (A Christmas Carol) as the royal household, unwittingly caught up in the web of evil, and newcomer George Damms as a ruthless mercenary.

With his trademark audacity, Phil Willmott takes the well known narrative in a few unexpected directions, in a setting that places equal value on male and female warriors whilst retaining the magnificent language and story arc of the original. 

Both the perfect first Macbeth for newcomers to the play and a fascinating coda for anyone who knows it well. 

Wednesday 27th October – Saturday 6th November 

Wednesdays to Saturdays at 7.30pm 

Saturdays and Sundays at 2.30pm  


Uniquely, tickets for our productions are free to anyone accessing food banks or subsidised school meals and on a pay-only-what-you-can basis to anyone else, ensuring EVERYONE can afford to return to or discover live theatre after Covid. 



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