There is just ONE week left to enter the Southwark Business Excellence Awards

Staff Reporter (06 March, 2020)

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There are just one week left to enter the Southwark Business Excellence Awards in association with London South Bank University.

Entries are being accepted in 14 categories ahead of the March 13 deadline.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, James Gill of Bodytonic Clinic, urged businesses considering entering to go for it. “It’s about recognising your team and the people around you,” he said. “It’s an evaluation of where the business has got to. It’s a good process to go through.
“Marketing-wise it’s been fantastic recognition and the awards night was great. The X-Factor man calling out my name was definitely a highlight!”

“It’s definitely, definitely worth it,” Dean Lavender of Hiver, Independent Retailer of the Year 2019, added: “The process is robust and very fair. Whether you win or not, it will shine a light on the great things you have done and with a fresh pair of eyes, on what you can achieve.”

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