This Walworth mum won’t be going to Iceland anymore 

Admin (02 April, 2015)

Swearing, threats and an alleged physical assault all thrown in with a free delivery

1458Leanne was home with her partner, Ali and one-year-old daughter, Zehra, when their Iceland delivery arrived two hours late with some verbal abuse thrown in free

An investigation is underway after a supermarket delivery driver was accused of calling a customer a c**t and saying he hoped her family would choke on the food he had just delivered before allegedly assaulting her boyfriend.

Leanne Corby was at home with her partner and their one-year-old baby daughter, Zehra, when her Iceland delivery turned up two hours late.

She was asked to sign to say the delivery was on time and when she said she had already called his employer to say he was late, Leanne says he unleashed a torrent of abuse on her.

Leanne’s boyfriend, Ali Dalgakiranlar, 29, came out just as the driver was getting in to the lift to ask what was going on. He says the driver then told him to go and f**k his mum and said again he hoped the family choked on the food.

Ali ran downstairs and by the time he got outside, the driver was in his van. Ali knocked on the window and asked him to apologise, to which he claims the driver responded- ‘f-off’ and ‘suck your mum’.

As Ali went to go back into the block of flats in Rowland Way, Walworth, Leanne says she saw the delivery driver attack her boyfriend from behind, leaving him with a broken finger.

“I could see it all from my window,” said Leanne, 24. “He kicked him to the ground.”

“I was shocked. What if I was here by myself with Zehra? It’s not right,” she added.

‘We just want it to be out there so people know what he’s like.”

Ali has been signed off work as he awaits an operation on his finger, which was fractured in three places, and they have reported the incident to the police.

“I don’t think I can shop there again,” said Leanne, who usually goes to her local Iceland store four times a week. “They should take some responsibility for having someone like him in the first place.”

A spokesperson for Iceland said they took all complaints “extremely seriously.”

“We would like the chance to investigate this matter further and will contact the customer once a full investigation has been conducted,” they added.

The police confirmed they were called to the incident on March 27 at 6pm. “Officers attended the scene and found that a man in his twenties had sustained a number of injuries following an altercation with a delivery driver,” said a Met spokesperson.

Officers from Southwark CID are investigating.

NT says:

“We would like the chance to investigate this matter further and will
contact the customer once a full investigation has been conducted,”

How about Iceland contacting the customer BEFORE the investigation so they can get their side of the story? Otherwise it’s not a ‘full’ investigation, just Iceland asking their driver what happened.

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