Activists occupy flats to stop the Aylesbury demolition

Admin (05 February, 2015)

Around 150 people broke away from Saturday’s “March for Homes” and gained access to the estate and put up banners

291The Aylesbury Estate

Housing campaigners are occupying a number of empty flats on the Aylesbury Estate in protest at the site’s planned demolition.

Around 150 people broke away from Saturday’s “March for Homes” and gained access to the properties, where banners reading “Resistance” and “Stop the demolition” now hang.

Alex Scott, one of the activists involved, told the News:  “Our aim is to halt the demolition of the estate, and make sure that the desires of the residents are respected.”

He said: “The support has been amazing. It’s overwhelmingly positive. People have been fighting for the Aylesbury for many years now and are really up for it.”

Piers Corbyn, chair of the nearby Alvey Estate’s tenancy association, said: “I very much welcome the occupation and support their statement.”

Southwark Council has pledged to build 11,000 council homes over the next 30 years.

A council spokesperson said: “The squatters do not represent the residents of the Aylesbury and are risking the delivery of the very homes they claim to be campaigning for, for the people they claim to be campaigning for.

“Southwark is working hard to tackle the London-wide housing crisis, but others must also play their part to provide the homes Londoners need.”


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