Three young Bermondsey brothers thanked for helping girl who was having a fit on the street

Kit Heren (24 November, 2021)

'I'm very proud, the boys' mother said. 'But it's in character for them, they're such good boys.'

50207Alfie, Harry and Georgie Blackwell

Three young Bermondsey brothers have been congratulated on their “courage, respect and compassion” after they stopped to help a young girl who was having a fit on the street and prevented her going into a coma.

Alfie, Harry and Georgie Blackwell, aged 13, 12 and 11, found the girl who was having the seizure on November 9 and sprang into action. They rolled her onto her side, supported her head with one of their jackets and called an ambulance, waiting with the girl for the ambulance crew to arrive. The girl’s mother later wrote a letter to Bacon’s College in Rotherhithe, where the boys go to school, to thank them. She added that she thought her daughter would have gone into a coma without the boys’ help.

The school wrote a letter to the boys’ mother Clara to tell them about her sons’ kind actions. Bacon’s principal James Wilson later added: ““It’s wonderful to receive calls like these, it generates such a feeling of pride across the College community. The action of the boys embodies the College values of courage, respect and compassion and they an example to their fellow students. We will be acknowledging their actions in assemblies with the whole year group.”

Clara said the boys told her they just “had to do what they had to do”, as adults were walking past the poor young girl. “I’m very proud,” she added. “But it’s in character for them, they’re such good boys.”


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