TOMMY BLACKMORE: Photos and tributes

News Desk (08 October, 2015)

Leave your own tributes to the Bermondsey boy in the comment section.



Beautiful from the inside. Most caring young man ever. From his Aunt Donut.

Tommy, I love you so much, always will. Love mum xx

So many memories with Tommy. Took him Leeds for his first trip away for the weekend with Millwall supporters club, it ended being our last because we puored blue ink over little Jay Sproul while he was in the shower. He come out chasing Tommy looking like a naked Smurf. Love you tom, miss you more and more each day, till my last breath. Micky

Tommy Blackmore 15

Tommy was like a little brother to me, we laughed, we argued, we talked. One night at one of the charity boxing events I was standing with friends when a guy came from no where asking if I knew where the toilets were. Before I knew it, Tommy came from nowhere. “Are you okay, can I help you? Thats my sister-in-law,” he said.  Afterwards my friends commented on how lovely and protective he is towards me, but that’s typical Tom, honest, loyal, and protective #couldntbemoreproud Love you Tommy, Amiee xxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 3

Precious Tommy, not a single day passes where you’re not in my thoughts. You have touched the hearts of people that never even knew you. You may not be here with us in person but you live on in the lives of everyone who loved you dearly. You had a smile that could brighten up anyone’s day, a smile that will last a life time in everyone’s memory. I can promise everyone that you’re safe up there and you’re not on your own! Continue your cheeky ways up there and continue to make everyone smile. Save me a spot, one next to you please. All my love, Summer xxx

Tommy Blackmore 2

I’ve known tommy since he was little, my mum was friends with his nan. He’s always been such a lovely, caring boy. He loves to wind people up as you can see by what he’s doing in the pictures haha. Such a shame that his life got taken so soon, you will always be missed and no one will ever forget you. Shine bright up there angel. Love you always, Laura xxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 4

Rest in perfect peace our Bermondsey star, you touched the hearts of so many people and will be deeply missed by all. May you shine as bright in heaven as you did on earth. Karen

Tommy Blackmore 5

I can hand on my heart say that Tommy was one of the kindest boys I knew. He had a heart of gold, along with being a little wind-up-merchant at times knowing that he would get a reaction out of me! Ha ha. He would always help me and anyone else regardless to whatever he had going on in his own life. He was one of my friends who I 100% knew I could call or text whatever time of the day and be certain that he was going to give it his best go at cheering me up. Such a sad loss but all of the close memories myself and others have will never be taken away. It’s not always about the length of life, it’s about the QUALITY of life and Tommy sure did experience A LOT of happiness along with LOVE from myself, close friends and his family who he adored so much. Always in my thoughts each and every day. Love, Rachel Roff xxx

Tommy Blackmore 6

Thoughts are with the Blackmore family at this very difficult time, always the brightest shining star after all there’s only one Tommy Blackmore xx Sarah

Tommy Blackmore 7

Charming lad who had time for young and old. Cheeky chap with lots of banter. RIP Tommy boy, sending you a bubblegum icecream, your favourite. Lots of love, Alibabas Icecream xx

Tommy Blackmore 8

Tommy, I’m lost for words! You were the most annoying little terror when you was younger, you used to drive me mad, “little s**t was your middle name”, but as you grew into a teen and then an adult you became one of the nicest, most caring boys I have ever met. No one had a bad word to say about you because you genuinely were one of a kind. You were loved by so many people, quite overwhelming when you think about it really. I think you would have blushed to see how many people loved you as a person, for just being you. You may be gone Tom, but you will never be forgotten, I can assure you that. This must be one of the most heart-breaking things Bermondsey has had to deal with altogether, it’s just really unfair that you are not here! May you rest in perfect peace, lots of love always. xxx Chloe Mole xxx

Tommy Blackmore 9

Didn’t know you well Tommy but can honestly say I’ve not heard anything but good about you. Sleep in perfect peace darling X Carole Charles xxx

Tommy Blackmore 10

Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting, and we will never forget you Tom. Always in our thoughts. Alfie McNamara

Tommy Blackmore 11

You were one in a million, Tommy. Smart, kind and one of the funniest people we had the pleasure of knowing. From the banter and the jokes to the amazing eyes and big grin, we will always keep you in our hearts and in our minds. Still can’t believe you’re not here, love you always Tommy. TB8 forever. Much love always, Gary Kelly, Lacey Kelsey and Bobby McEvoy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 12

I miss you and love you, pal. From Bourney

Tommy Blackmore 13

RIP Tommy, you were taken too soon. My thoughts go out to your family. Shine bright over Bermondsey. Love Emma

Tommy Blackmore 14

You were my little brother and my best friend. I think about you every single day. You’re on my mind and in my heart. I miss our jokes and chats and would give anything for you to be by my side again. Love you always Tommy boy until we meet again, my best friend. Love always, Kevin Mc xxxxxxxxxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 16

Bermondsey’s very own shining star. Rest in perfect peace Tommy. TB8. Lucy

Tommy Blackmore 18

Not a day goes by without thinking of you or missing you. I am so proud to have you as my little cousin, Tommy. Always thinking of others and doing things for other people, the most loving, caring person I know. Till the day we meet again, love you with all my heart, always and forever. Michaela, Josh and Annie

Tommy Blackmore 19

Tommy, whenever we think of you our hearts will ache because we want to see your handsome, smiling face. Thank you Tommy for being our son’s friend because people you share your life with make your character and you played a massive part in George’s life so we believe that a part of you will live on in George forever. Thank you Tommy for being part of our lives. Hearts will forever be broken when we hear or mention your name but smiles will break through because we knew such an amazing young man. Love, Susan and Micky Cloonan xxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 20

There will only ever be one Tommy Blackmore. Miss you mate, always and forever. Love you mate. Love, Michael McEvoy xxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 21

We miss you more than anyone knows, with tender love and deep regret, we who love you, will never forget. Miss you each day, every day and all the time, cuz. You are in your heart, in my thoughts, in my life always. Love you forever, miss you for always. Fly high my baby cousin. There’s only one Tommy Blackmore. Sending all our love up to you, Julie, Joelle, James, Danny, Nancy & kids xxxxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 22

I will hold the memories I have of you in my heart until the day we meet again. Love you cuz. Love Vicky, Elsie, baby Arthur xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 23

Can’t believe you’re not with us, I miss your cheeky smile. Rest in perfect peace, Tommy son. Lots of love, Agnes and Natasha McEvoy xxxxxx

Tommy Blackmore

Tommy, was a wonderful little boy who grew into a kind and considerate young man – a credit to his mother and brothers. So loving and caring – I remember him as a baby, he loved to hold a label on clothes, toys and his favourite was a face cloth. It was a very sad day when he died – this boy did mountains of charity work. And Tommy will be the brightest star in heaven. Love Julie O’Brien xxxxx

Tommy Blackmore 25

Tommy would often come with Julie’s family to visit, I would often want to get a picture of him, he was such a lovely little boy – wonderful eyes and always smiling, didn’t see him for a while but I always heard about him, always doing something for someone else. You will always be in our thoughts xxxxx Love Bridget, Terry, Terry Bowes  

Tommy Blackmore 26

I haven’t seen Tommy for a while but I remember him as a toddler and a little boy at my mum’s. He used to come visit with his cousins, Joelle, James, Danny and Nancie – a beautiful little chap full of laughter, and most recently I had the pleasure of catching up with him on Facebook through my nieces and nephews who are Tommy’s cousins. He was a really happy lad, always singing with the most amazing laughing eyes, it is such a loss to his mother and brothers and a great loss to the charities he would help. Life is so very cruel to take such an amazing man way too soon. Sleep tight – you will never be forgotten. Love Mary McDonagh

Tommy Blackmore 27

I first met Tommy when I was boxing at Fight For Cancer against Ricky Boylan. He was only 18 but I got on well with him straight away. His job that night was too look after me in the changing room and lead me to the ring. I was nervous but he kept reassuring me I’d be alright, and kept saying there was loads of Millwall fans there cheering me on. We become friends after this, meeting up at Millwall home games and playing in charity games at The Den. He was a lovely lad, funny, bubbly, confident and loyal. His death came as a massive shock and I still can’t believe that he has gone. They do say the good die young and in Tommy’s case this is definitely true. Mark Beard, ex-Millwall player


Tommy Blackmore 29

It only took meeting Tommy once to remember him forever. He will always be in our hearts as the cheekiest, funniest kid, beautiful both inside and out. Words can’t thank him enough for the memories and experiences we shared together. Love always, your Elle x

Tommy Blackmore 30

Tommy, Keep shining bright. We love you. Love dolly Xx

Friends holding a Millwall flag with Tommy's name

I Would like to make a post about Tommy Blackmore. Tommy, your brothers are like brothers to me, and so were you. You were a great kid with a bright future ahead of you! You have been snatched away from us way too soon and it’s unbelievable that this has happened! I will miss coming round and having debates about rap music and trading rap verses. Also you showing me your new trainers. I will never forget the day we played Fifa on xbox live, you were only 12 and I was 26 and you battered me and would never let me forget it! Every time I hear Little Wayne I think of you! I know your spirit is here watching over us all! Especially Maureen who’s side you are always by even though she’s one of the strongest people I have had the pleasure of knowing! I will miss you greatly! The impact you have had on everybody you have met is overwhelming, the world has truly lost a special person. This is testament to how Maureen, Mickey and  Bradley have raised you! Save me a spot Tom! Love Lyndon & family!

Tommy Blackmore Millwall

Tommy boy, my beautiful baby cousin. What can I say, it still don’t seem real. When I think about you I just see that happy baby boy who loved a camera and from what I can see that has never changed as you grew up lol. I remember you staying at our house most weekends as a baby and you always had a face cloth label in your hand . You loved a bath even from back then you would go under the water and spin round like a mad child and flood the floor but you was allowed as Tommy boy couldn’t ever do any wrong in our house – you made the rules lol. I remember my dad used to call you Tommy tucker the little f****r (that wasn’t true you was a good boy) haha. I know he’s looking after you up there, Tom, along with loads of others, as you’re a loved boy. When I look at photos of you I wonder how you went from a lovely little boy to a grown man so fast . Rest in perfect peace until we meet again. We all love and miss you millions XxX love from your cuz nancie x x x

Tommy Blackmore

I had so many memories it’s hard to pick just one, Tommy has been my close friend for many years. He was my most trusted friend and we did everything together. My favourite memory would be going winter wonderland and having to drag him on every ride! Wherever he is, I want him to know I love him more than anything & think about him everyday. Sydney

Tommy you were our neighbour and friend. We watched you grow from a cute chubby baby, through a freckly faced boy with huge green eyes and into a handsome and charming young man who never grew out of your boyish cheekiness. We are grateful to have had you in our lives Tommy, we are grateful for the funny memories and we are grateful for all the times you knocked on our door to borrow our ketchup or the tweezers (for your mum of course, those brows were all natural!) We speak your name in our house daily like you have never gone away. Shine bright! Kim, Emma, Dean, Archie & Jesse x 




natalie davis says:

love and miss you big time boy,downtown is a sadder place without you you always ,natalie danny daisy &rosie davis xxx

Casey sullivan says:

Miss you Tommy Boy! Not a day goes by where we don’t think of you. Such a funny lovely caring boy taken from us too early. I’ll cherish our memories forever. Lots of love, Casey xxxxxx

Lorraine Sandford says:

Gone but never forgotten. Rest in perfect peace Tommy, we’ll never forget you ??
Lorraine, Nicky, Max, Brett & Teddy xxx

Sarah says:

Rip tommy boy, you was a pleasure to know and everyone that knew you have so many memories to treasure you was a cracking lad and will be sadly missed shine bright boy <3 forever in our hearts xxxx Sarah Crawford xxx

Tracey Perry says:

Tommy Blackmore , RIP to an amazing young lad who was taken far too soon, love goes out to the family always xxxxxx RIP Angel x

Charlotté India Péto says:

Tom nothing will ever be the same without you you have changed so many lives, even 4 months later we are all so sad that your no longer with us, it’s heartbreaking I still remember everything from that night everything you said to me, our silly dancing it is still just such a huge shock what has happened like a bad dream, we miss you every single day not a day goes by that you are not thought of! It’s just not fair that they had to take you of all people the most beautiful kind boy. You will never be forgotten, our memories will stay with me till the end. Can’t wait to see you again shine bright up there blackers I will love you forever, Charlotte Peto x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Danielle d says:

Our Bermondsey angel, never forgotten. A balloon sent up to the sky, a song on the radio or just seeing ur photo. Loved and missed by everyone. Always in our thought’s, tb ?

jo cook says:

I have got the best memories and will cherish them forever, you are and always will be in my heart, keep an eye out for the boys please and I will see you when I get there #TB8 love and miss you forever Joanne

Ayshe Price says:

Dear Tommy
Looking at your picture as a young boy and recalling the time you came into the kitchen at mum’s in your football kit rummaging around in the fridge, I’ll never forget your gorgeous big eyes and dark hair. You have left a gigantic hole in our lives and we will never forget you, my only regret is that I didn’t spend more time with you. With thoughts of you always, Ayshe and family

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