Tooley Street footbridge linking London Bridge station to be demolished

Josh Salisbury (10 February, 2020)

The high-level walkway will be demolished after improvements to London Bridge station

34769The walkway, which will now be removed under plans approved by the Council

The high-level footbridge across Tooley Street to London Bridge station will be demolished under plans approved by council officers.

The walkway spans the busy street between the station and offices on the opposite side, officially called the Cottons Centre.

The owners of the estate claimed that it was no longer needed after improvements to the station’s concourse at ground level.

Now the plans to demolish the walkway have been approved and welcomed by council planning officers.

“The removal of the walkway is welcome from a design perspective,” state council officers.

“The demolition of the footbridge will leave an aperture that was specifically created to accommodate the footbridge on the London bridge station side and will leave a balcony at the Cottons Centre side.”

Officers also add that the removal of the walkway will “will greatly improve the appearance of Tooley Street Conservation Area and setting of the surrounding listed buildings.”

The gap left on the London Bridge side will be filled in with new brickwork and two windows, while the gap left on the Cottons Centre side will be enclosed to form a balcony.


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