Tower Bridge: Man who scaled and ‘jumped’ from bridge found alive by police

Josh Salisbury (03 June, 2019)

He only suffered a minor injury after scaling the Tower Bridge supports and jumping into the river below, said police

22673Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

A man who scaled Tower Bridge before ‘jumping’ into the river below was found alive by police, having only suffered a minor injury.

The emergency services rushed to the aid of the man, who climbed the blue bridge supports of the iconic river crossing shortly before 2pm on Saturday, June 1.

He remained in the precarious position for over an hour, before jumping from the bridge, said officers.

City of London police told the News that about an hour or so later, the man jumped from the bridge into the river below, sparking a police Marine Support Unit to go and rescue him.

“He was conscious and breathing when he was recovered and only suffered a minor injury,” a City of London police spokeswoman said.

Police said they believed the matter was mental-health related.

The RNLI, a volunteer lifeboat service, were also called to help assist the man.

A spokesperson for the service told the News that its Tower Lifeboat Station team were called by the coastguard to the incident, which had caused traffic disruption, at around 2.30pm.

“The lifeboat remained on scene for around two hours, before recovering a casualty from the water onto the lifeboat and taking him to St Katherine’s Pier where he was passed into the care of the London Ambulance Service,” said the spokesperson.


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