Traffic update: Tower Bridge lane blocked as Rotherhithe Tunnel remains closed

Josh Salisbury (29 January, 2019)

These are the roads that are experiencing significant delays because of the Tunnel closure

27628Image: Closed Rotherhithe Tunnel

Tower Bridge is partially blocked due to a broken-down vehicle – causing a further headache for motorists hoping to get home during rush hour.

A north-bound lane is blocked on the bridge, just as motorists are using the route because of the closure of the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

In an update, TfL said: “Tower Bridge (EC3N) (Northbound) – Lane two (of two) is blocked due to a broken down vehicle. Approach with caution.”

Drivers had been advised to use Tower Bridge as an alternative route after the Rotherhithe Tunnel was closed at 10am this morning.

It still remains closed.

Engineers with TfL had identified a fault with the tunnel’s fire alarms systems, and are currently working to repair the flaw.

The agency told the News it could not put a definite time-frame on when the tunnel is expected to re-open, but that it will be opened as soon as possible after engineers have finished their investigations.

The Tunnel closure had already caused significant traffic in-and-around Tower Bridge.

Motorists are also experiencing long delays on Jamaica Road, Lower Road and Brunel Road.



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