Train delays lead to overcrowding and panic at London Bridge station

Admin (04 March, 2015)

Huge crowds formed after a man on the track at Streatham resulted in the cancellations of a number of trains.

Rail commuters at London Bridge faced scenes of ‘complete commuter carnage’ on Tuesday night, as severe delays to the network lead to overcrowding at the station.

Due to a person on the track at Streatham, trains leaving the station were cancelled or delayed, causing a “horrendous” build-up of commuters.

A commuter lies on the ground after escaping the crush.

A commuter lies on the ground after escaping the crush.

Photos show some people escaping the huge crowd by jumping over or crawling under ticket barriers.

Commuters took to social media to express their shock and anger.

A commuter leaps the barrier.

A commuter leaps the barrier.

Due to the throng, the station’s doors were closed on the advice of the British Transport Police until the crowds inside could disperse.

Dave Ward of Network Rail said: “I understand how difficult last night was for many of our passengers and they showed great patience and understanding in what was a very tough situation.”


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