Trainee builders providing shelter for Surrey Docks farm donkeys

Kit Heren (05 May, 2021)

Apprentices with the Southwark Construction Skills Centre helped with the project


Apprentices with a Southwark training centre for builders are helping put up a shelter for donkeys on the Surrey Docks farm in Rotherhithe.

Five apprentices at the Southwark Construction Skills Centre are working alongside Keltbray to put up the shelter for the donkeys, who need protection from wet weather as their coats are not waterproof.

Funding for the shelter was donated by a long-term visitor to the farm, which overlooks the river not far from Greenland Dock.

Speaking on the project, Manager at Surrey Docks Farm Gemma Hooper said: “We would like to give a huge thank you to the Southwark Construction Skills Centre for their continued support of the Farm…

“The field shelter was funded through a memorial donation on behalf of someone who regularly visited and enjoyed the Farm. It’s wonderful that we can complete all the work in a community-focused way”.

John White, Director of the Skills Centre added: “The apprentices worked extremely hard, and I am delighted that we were able to support such a great cause. We know apprenticeships work and it was great to see both them and the farm benefiting from their efforts. Our apprentices not only gained skills valuable on large construction sites, but they also saw how they can use their skills to enrich their local communities.”

“Now that the Southwark Construction Skills Centre is moving from its original base at Elephant Park to a new home at Canada Water, we will be closer than ever to the Farm. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and look forward to having our apprentices helping out again very soon.”


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