Transport for London promises to tackle Rotherhithe Roundabout gridlock this year

Admin (09 February, 2017)

There should be some improvements by this summer

14963Lib Dem councillors met with Transport for London to ask for action to prevent congestion at Rotherhithe Roundabout

Transport for London bosses have promised that action will be taken this year to tackle the gridlock at Rotherhithe Roundabout.

At a recent meeting with Liberal Democrat councillors, TfL said it was looking at both short-term and longer-term solutions to stop the snarl-ups and promised action this year.

Lib Dem leader Anood Al-Samerai said: “I think it’s really good progress, so we are really pleased.

“TfL have agreed that they will look at the roundabout and it looks like there should be some improvements this summer.”

Liberal Democrat councillors also called for other measures to improve safety and traffic speeds, such as electronic signs for drivers at both ends  of Jamaica Road to highlight when the tunnel is closed or congested and full consultation about the plans for the cycle superhighway along Jamaica Road.

“Fighting congestion on Jamaica Road is our long-running battle,” Cllr Al-Samerai added.

“Please sign our petition at to keep up the pressure on TfL.”


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