Travellers leave Peek Freans biscuit factory site

News Desk (27 October, 2016)

Land lord says they are assessing the damage and preparing a clean up

12783Rubbish left behind at the Biscuit Factory by travellers

The travellers who moved into part of the old Peek Freans biscuit factory in Bermondsey have left, leaving smashed windows and piles of rubbish behind.

Last week the News reported how fifteen caravans had entered the car park of Block F, owned by  developers Grosvenor, which was pursuing a possession order to evict them as a “matter of urgency”.

The occupiers departed on Sunday evening after being served an “interim possession” by Grosvenor, a “noise abatement notice” by Southwark Council and a “Section 61 notice of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994” by the police.

Kate Nottidge, from Grosvenor, said: “We are now assessing the damage and preparing for a “clean-up” operation and the security team will continue to monitor the area.”

If anyone has any questions, please contact Kate Nottidge from Grosvenor on 020 7312 6419.


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