Tree planted for Bermondsey hero Jimi in his favourite park

Kit Heren (17 May, 2022)

'When we get to the tree, I love it. I love it. It’s a special tree,' Jimi's mother Olusankami said

55399The new cherry tree

The parents of Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole have said they “love” the tree they planted in memory of their son in a Bermondsey park.

Jimi’s parents Olusankami and Michael planted the cherry tree in Spa Gardens along with family and friends, and local MP Neil Coyle. The park was round the corner from the family home on the Neckinger Estate. ”

Olusankami said: “We always go there. That is his favourite. It’s Jimi’s favourite park – he loved it. 

Jimi, 20, has been hailed as hero after he died while saving a woman who had fallen into the Thames last April. This is the second permanent tribute to him recently, after Salmon Youth Club on Old Jamaica Road unveiled three striking memorials on the street.

Neil Coyle helping plant the tree

Olusankami said: “I’m happy, we are grateful, we are so happy about that. We are happy for the MP supporting us about my son. My greetings to everyone who is helping us, I love them.”

“When we get to the tree, I love it. I love it. It’s a special tree. 

Speaking after the event, Coyle said: “His family should be proud of his courage and now have the mural at the Salmon Youth Club as well as the tree to act as positive reminders of his life. Too often young people are talked down, dismissed and demonised, but Jimi shows the strength many young people in Southwark have and acts as a counterbalance.

“Jimi’s spirit lives on in Bermondsey and through many other young people and we should be proud that his family, friends and this community helped create such a courageous soul.


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