Twenty-year love of swimming inspires Dulwich art display

Katherine Johnston (26 April, 2019)

'I am a huge believer that swimming can really help with all aspects of wellbeing'

29214Friday Morning, by Jolie Goodman

An artist with Multiple Sclerosis who swims three times a week is holding an exhibition of work inspired by her love of the slow lane.

Jolie Goodman has swam at Dulwich Leisure Centre for twenty years, continuing to keep active since her diagnosis in 2013.

From May 10-19, she is exhibiting a series of twenty digital prints at the Everyone Active centre, entitled Swimming in the Slow Lane, inspired by her love of swimming and the people she has met throughout her years in the water.

A private viewing will also be held on May 10, from 6-8pm, including talks from the artist and guest speakers on health, wellbeing and the benefits of exercise.

“It has been a wonderful experience creating this collection of work,” she said.

“I am a huge believer that swimming can really help with all aspects of wellbeing, not just for our physical health but for our mental health too.”

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