Two arrested on Walworth road in major operation

Admin (20 February, 2015)

Car was stopped just off Elephant & Castle, and both men were taken into custody.

601PHOTO - Twitter@willmartin19

ARMED police arrested two men in Elephant and Castle as part of a major operation. At around 6pm on Tuesday night a car was stopped on Walworth Road.

A Met Police spokesperson said that two men had been arrested on behalf of another police force and taken into custody.

Twitter was abuzz with reports of flashing lights and armed police, as people warned others to avoid the area.

Will Martin posted: “Armed police and lots of lights on the Walworth Road, Elephant and Castle right now.

No idea what’s happening.” Another wrote: “Well something has happened on Walworth Road to stop all traffic going Southbound from the Elephant.”

Robin Holley warned others: “Avoid top of Walworth Road. Armed police, fire engines, ambulances, the lot” Another witness tweeted: “Police with guns, fire engines and so much traffic and drama.

What the hell is happening at elephant and castle?” The spokesperson was unable to say which force the Met were acting on behalf of due to operational reasons.


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