Two ‘dangerous dogs’ seized by police after attacking teenager in Nunhead

Katherine Johnston (09 June, 2021)

She and her pet were both injured

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Two ‘dangerous dogs’ have been seized after police said they escaped from a home in Nunhead and attacked a teenager. 

The eighteen-year-old woman, was walking a dog in Kimberley Avenue on March 14 with her mother when it is said the two animals ran out of the property and attacked her and her pet, leaving them both injured.

A warrant was executed on May 17 and both dogs safely taken by police to a secure location while an investigation takes place.

Inspector Tom Cornish, from Southwark Police’s neighbourhood policing team based in Peckham, told the News that the dogs’ owner had been interviewed and a decision about the animals’ future is ‘pending’. 

Under the dangerous dogs act 1991 police have the power to seize dogs believed to be dangerously out of control. Owners can face fines, a ban on keeping dogs and possibly prison sentences.

Although some seized dogs are destroyed if believed to be an ongoing threat to the public, the courts can also issue ‘control orders’, for example committing owners to keeping the dog on a lead at all times in public.


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