Two Southwark Labour councillors finish second in Tory strongholds in west London and Surrey

News Desk (09 June, 2017)

It was a night that saw Labour increase their majorities in every London seat they fought

16984Councillors Fiona Colley and Rebecca Lury

Two Southwark councillors have finished second in seats where they were facing up against Tory MPs with huge majorities.

East Walworth Labour councillor Rebecca Lury, who grew up in Harrow, went up against Nick Hurd in the west London seat of Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner.

She earned 16,575 votes (31 per cent), equalling a 10.9 per cent boost from 2015. Mr Hurd retained his seat with 30,555 votes (57.2 per cent).

Nunhead councillor Fiona Colley (Southwark Council’s cabinet member for finance, modernisation and performance) took on the Conservatives in the seat of Woking, in Surrey.

Cllr Colley, whose parents live in Woking, previously said: “My Mother has motor-neurone disease and we’ve really seen that impact of having social care and home care workers who are on zero-hours contracts and on minimum wage, and where there is no continuity of care. Seeing what the Tory cuts mean has made me want to get that message across to people in Woking.”

Cllr Colley improved Labour’s share of the vote, with 13,179 (23.9%). Her rival, Jonathan Lord, held the seat 29,903 (54.1%).



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