VE Day 2020: Museum of London releases images of Docklands at war to mark 75th anniversary

Katherine Johnston (07 May, 2020)

Friday, May 8, marks 75 years since the Allies victory in Europe

36646River Emergency Services' volunteers carrying bandages, and blankets and taking a break from their civil defense duties to pose for this photograph.

The Museum of London has released images of wartime Docklands from its archive to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Click on the image below to launch the gallery.

More than 25,000 bombs fell over London’s docks in World War Two during the Blitz.

As the museum is closed during the lockdown, it has released a series of images commemorating London’s wartime history.

The photographs and pictures chart the devastation caused by the Blitz to the city’s industrial heart, the resilience of Londoners during this time, and Docklands’ subsequent recovery.


Discover more in the Museum of London Docklands’ online collection here.

All images courtesy of Museum of London.


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