VE Day 2020: Red Arrows flypast marks 75th anniversary of victory in Europe

Katherine Johnston (08 May, 2020)

Tributes paid to 'our greatest generation'

36692Today's flypast (c) Chris Atwood

The Red Arrows soared past Bankside and Bermondsey this morning to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

The stunning display saw them skim only 100 metres above Westminster before the nation fell silent at 11am.

Meanwhile, the RAF typhoons flew over Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson has shared his VE Day message.

HRH The Queen is due to speak at 9pm tonight – the exact time her father addressed the nation 75 years ago.

Organisations and groups across the borough have opened up their archives to help people learn more, and commemorate the anniversary from home.

Millwall FC has gone back in time with its archive images from WW2

And Southwark Heritage has also put together these online resources:

The Imperial War Museum shares stories from 1945 – in their own words.



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