Video: Half-naked DJ – Disco Boy – brings the party to Walworth police station

Admin (29 May, 2015)

'The police were cool as', according to the online joker whose video already has 67,000 hits

A half-naked prankster DJ known as Disco Boy brought the party to Walworth Police Station on Wednesday.

A video posted online shows the joker dressed only in a Ushanka hat, short shorts and sunglasses pulling his speakers and disco lights on wheels into the station along with Nathan Brown from YouTube channel Trollstation.

The enthusiastic duo dance around in their shorts as Disco Boy (Lee Marshall) lays down some beats while Nathan takes to the mic to give the police a shout out saying: “To the police we just want to say thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us, to help us, to protect us. We love you the police.”

After nearly two minutes of banging-in-your-face tunes, a group of bemused officers appear and the music is stopped.

But Disco Boy gets back on the mic with a rousing ‘when I say po you say lice’. As an older man looks on very confused, a plain-clothed officer takes over the decks and Disco Boy shouts ‘who wants to carry on the party?’

No one wanted to carry on the party apparently as the pair agree to leave. Disco Boy gives it one last blast shouting: “We only came in here for the air conditioning. Give it up – make some noise for the police.”

Lee Marshall has previously taken his mission to cheer up the general public to supermarkets and restaurants in his home county, Kent, but travelling through Southwark on Wednesday, he decided on the spur of the moment to go into Walworth Police station.

“I was just up that way and one of the team was like what’s the worst that could happen…the police were cool as though,” Mr Marshall told the News.

Disco Boy and Trollstation brought the par-tay to Walworth police station on Wednesday

Disco Boy and Trollstation brought the par-tay to Walworth police station on Wednesday


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