Video: Kennington church sings prayer for NHS ‘heroes’

Staff Reporter (02 March, 2021)

“You are so strong and the heroes of our generation"

42650Children from St Anselm's church in Kennington performing 'Our Prayer For You'

Children from a church in Kennington have written a prayer thanking the ‘hard-working staff of St Thomas’ Hospital’, writes Simon Throssell…

Eighteen young voices from St Anselm’s church performed the prayer during their online service on Sunday 28th February.

‘Our Prayer For You’ uses the children’s own words and feelings to thank hospital staff for ‘everything they have done to care for and protect local residents during the pandemic.’

Composed with the help of Becky Chambers, leader of the St Anselm’s Young Voices Choir, the prayer says: “You are so strong and gentle too / The heroes of our generation / We look up to you.

“We pray things will get easier and that you can stay brave / We pray that God will keep you safe and strong / We pray for your families that you leave at home / We pray you find the strength to carry on.”

To watch the full video of ‘Our Prayer For You’ visit


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