VIDEO: Peckham Town FC share heartbreaking message after being targeted yet again by vandals

Katherine Johnston (09 July, 2020)

Fundraiser to help the club raises more than £1,000

37297Previous damage from June this year


Just weeks after vandals trashed their pitches and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage, Peckham Town FC has been targeted again.

Last week its handmade dugouts, paid for by the team’s subs, were smashed by intruders caught on CCTV.

As the News has reported, since lockdown the club has been the victim of a spate of mindless attacks.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said club chair and founder Bryan Hall, in a video message to supporters.

“We put a lot in to this spot, not only for our own benefits but we do it for our community – for you guys that live in the area.”

The club, which has lost revenue during lockdown, has now set up a fundraiser in the hope it can repair damage, beef up security to prevent more attacks, and replace some of the estimated £2,000 worth of revenue lost when the season ended early.

More than £1,300 has been raised so far on their Go Fund Me page.

Sadly, the club is not the only community group in Southwark that has been targeted.

Scouts group Phoenix Explorers told the News their van had been daubed in an ‘amateur’ attempt at spray painting.

The club has now asked Camberwell Arts College if any of its students fancied working their magic.



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