VIDEO: Time-lapse footage shows incredible pace of Bermondsey rail demolition

News Desk (11 September, 2015) Transport Regeneration

The old rail viaducts have now been completely razed.

Check out this video showing the incredible pace of demolition works for the Bermondsey Dive Under.

The old viaducts, which used to carry trains into the city and to Charing Cross, have been razed in Network Rail preparation works for the contruction of a huge new rail junction.

The old track will be replaced with a ‘dive under’ that will allow Charing Cross trains to pass beneath Thameslink services and pop up again on the other side, for a clear run into the capital. It is due to be completed in 2017.

Bermondsey Dive Under

Bermondsey Dive Under

An artist's impression of the Bermondsey Dive Under

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