Volunteers wanted for new Southwark Civic Society to promote borough’s heritage

Josh Salisbury (23 October, 2019)

The new society wants people to get involved - could you be one of them?

13349An artist's impression of the sailing of the Mayflower in 1620

A new Southwark Civic Society has been launched to promote “the rich civic, diverse cultural heritage and long history” of the borough.

An inaugural launch event, held on the Canada Estate on Saturday, October 12, was followed by a talk on the Mayflower Story by local resident and historian Dr Rita Cruise-O’Brien.

The talk, sponsored by Southwark Council and others, aimed to raise awareness of the Mayflower’s rich history in advance of the 400th anniversary of its sailing to the New World next year.

Now the society has called for more volunteers to help organise future events around Southwark’s heritage.

To become a member, or register as a volunteer, contact the Honorary Secretary of the Society at The Southwark Civic Society, The Civic Suite, 160 Tooley Street London SE1 2QH. Alternatively, email: kennethmhayes@gmail.com


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