Want to report a crime to Neighbourhood Watch? There’s an app for that

News Desk (24 November, 2016)

Hopes app will encourage young people to engage more with local police


A free app to support Neighbourhood Watches by allowing people to share real time incidents on an interactive map has been launched.

The Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association and Swedish community safety app Trygve, are pioneering a digital method of “local engagement to connect communities” within the borough.

Trygve provides a digital platform where users can collaborate, empowering community members to support each other and work together to solve local issues and combat crime.

Marcus Suitor, Secretary of Southwark Neighbourhood Watch Association, said: “Trygve is a terrific app that’s free and will surely benefit everyone in the area.”

“We are hoping it enhances communication between members, but also encourages the younger members of the borough to play more of an active role in Neighbourhood Watch.

“We hope everyone who lives and works in Southwark gets involved.”

Users are able to communicate with each other and contribute to posted events, capturing ground-level intelligence as events unfold. There is also a personal safety alarm built into the app that alerts other users when triggered.

“This is such an interesting project for Trygve, where we are gaining an insight on how communities in very large and complex cities can band together and utilise each other more,” Sheona Urquhart Trygve UK Manager said.

“We are aiming for a very big and positive culture shift where members of the community feel they can turn to each other and trust each other more.”

To join the app, visit www.trygve.co.uk/join.


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