Warning over ‘ex-offenders charity’ doorstep scam in Camberwell

Katherine Johnston (10 August, 2020)

'There is no such charity' says PC Hughes from Southwark Police

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Scammers have been targeting Camberwell homes claiming to be raising money for an ex-offenders charity.

Southwark Police officer Beccy Hughes issued a warning saying Grove Lane residents were being doorstepped  claiming to be part of a charity’s rehabilitation scheme selling goods or services.

PC Hughes warned there is ‘no such scheme’ and said sellers had to have a pedlar’s licence issued by the police in order to operate.

“Please do not answer the door before checking from a window, to see who is at the door,” she advised.

“If you decide to speak to the person outside, then speak to them from the window rather than opening the door. 

“Always ask to see identification no matter who is at the door. 

“If they are from a company then call the company to verify the employee of that company.

“DO NOT open the door. Scams occur all the time. 

“Some sellers may become upset or aggressive so be cautious and please call the police. 

“If the phone is at hand then turn the camera on to record for evidence to give to the police.”


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