WATCH: Car created out of cardboard by Bermondsey company

News Desk (08 October, 2015)

1,700 sheets of cardboard were used during the creative project.

An origami-inspired car made entirely out of sheets of cardboard has been created by a Bermondsey-based laser cutting company.

Lasercut Works, of Raymouth Road, put aside plastic and metal to create a working, life-size model of a Lexus car using just cardboard.

The project used a total of 1,700 sheets of cardboard cut to specific sizes and took three months to complete, with each piece painstakingly glued to the body of the vehicle by hand.

Cardboard car

Daniel Ryan said: “When people come past they take a double take and think ‘hang on a second, is that a digital piece of work in the real world?’ It’s a cross-over between animation and reality and I think that surprise is what’s so special about the project.”

The vehicle will be revealed to the public as a star attraction at the Grand Designs live show in Birmingham from 8 October.

Cardboard car


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