WATCH: This footage of a cyclist slamming into a pedestrian is dividing the internet

Admin (26 November, 2015)

Social media went into a frenzy deciding who was at fault

A thirty second video of a cyclist slamming into a pedestrian in Peckham High Street yesterday has sparked an online debate about who was at fault.

The footage was captured in a dashcam and shows a pedestrian attempting to run across the road, dodging the traffic. Before he makes it to the other side, however, a cyclist ploughs straight into him.

The collision throws the cyclist off his bike while the pedestrian continues to the pavement. Neither appear harmed by the incident.

But posters on social network Reddit could not agree on who was to blame with some saying the cyclist should have slammed on his brakes and others saying the pedestrian was “chancing it.”


screen grab1

The pedestrian tries to run in front of the bike to get to the pavement…

screen grab2



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