Waterloo station hires Aria the hawk to keep unwelcome guests away

Josh Salisbury (08 November, 2018)

Pigeons will be observed with a hawk-eye when this ferocious bird of prey is around

26467Aria will be watching unwelcome guests at Waterloo station with a hawk's eye

Staff at Waterloo station have welcomed an unusual new recruit into their ranks this week: Aria the Harris hawk.

Aria, 5, will patrol the skies around the station to scare off pigeons and other ‘unwelcome guests’.

She will be on duty alongside handler Max Bell twice a week for two hour shifts to scare off pests nestling in the station’s Victorian rafters.

Jason Murphy, Waterloo area manager for Network Rail, said: “Pigeons can be a real nuisance for people using the station.

“They also cause a lot of mess which needs cleaning up at some expense.

“So Aria’s work is really important in making the station a better place for our passengers, while saving us money on our cleaning bills.

“She’s a very hard worker and we’re delighted to have her as part of the station team here at Waterloo.”

Hard-working Aria, who grew up in St Albans, has previously had roles at King’s Cross station and the Treasury during her high-flying career.

Her handler, Max Bell, said: “Aria really enjoys the environment at Waterloo and is delighted to be here.

“She does a great job and often likes to reward herself with a relaxing bath in the puddles that gather on the rain shelters over the platforms.”


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