Wear it Again market comes to Newington Causeway this weekend

Admin (06 July, 2018)

Consumers purchase 80 billion new items of clothing each year, and throw out about the same amount in order to make room.


The sustainable clothing market Wear it Again will come to Factory 45 on Newington Causeway on July 8.

The market will give pieces of clothing still in great shape but hardly ever get worn the chance to be recycled, and encourage shoppers to change their “buy, use and throw away” mindset to a more sustainable one.

According to the organisers, globally, people buy more than 80 billion new items of clothing each year, and about the same amount is thrown away in order to make room for the new items.

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The event runs from 11am – 5pm, and it is free to attend. There will also be a live DJ during the entire event.

In order to sell clothing, a stand needs to be booked in advance, and it does cost a fee.

For more information, visit the Facebook event here



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