Welcome to Peckham’s Dead Doll’s house

Admin (31 January, 2015)

Old boozer to be turned into trendy toy-inspired members-only club imported from Hoxton

An old boozer is about to be transformed into an oversized doll’s house for private members only as it raises the bar for new hipster hotspots in Peckham.

The pool table and darts board in The Clayton Arms will be ripped out to make room for the dining tables and glitter balls in the latest venue for the Dead Doll’s Club.

The original East End hangout is decorated with hand painted walls to create a giant doll’s house interior where members can enter to enjoy a night of private partying.

Pop: The Dead Doll's House in Hoxton at Christmas

Popping good fun: Members enjoy the Dead Doll’s Club in Hoxton at the Christmas Party

“It just makes it a bit special,” said Arianne Clarke of the Dead Doll’s Club, who are hoping to open their new venue in Clayton Road in April. A private membership also “guards against getting the wrong type of people in, like big groups out on a stag night,” added Arianne.

Dead Dolls Club owners and Adam and Kate

Dead Dolls Club owners and Adam and Kate

Membership is free but new recruits are expected to bring a ‘gift for the house’ like champagne or a candelabra on their first visit.

It will be a big change for the Peckham pub, which closed in 2013, two years after it was ransacked and smashed up by up to 50 youths during the riots in 2011.



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