What a shower! Walworth residents blast council after leak issues

News Desk (10 September, 2015)

Boarley House residents have suffered two months of leaks after heavy rain in July.

By George Greenwood

A Walworth mum says she has been left living out of her bedroom for two months, as a broken gutter has left rainwater pouring through her light fittings into her lounge.

Irene Donkor, 29, is one of a number of residents in Boarley House, Old Kent Road, who say that the council has not acted for two months to stop major water damage to their properties.

Irene’s son Kaiden had to be treated for nasty foot rashes, which, she says, his GP blamed on standing water and mould in her flat. She says she has lost her fridge, her sofa and carpet and has been unable to use the lounge for two months due to the smell and lack of electricity.

After heavy rainfall in July, residents reported leaking roofs to the council’s emergency repair team. However, two months later, residents claim that the damage had not even begun to be repaired. They say they have been passed from department to department without action being taken.

Wet wet wet! Angry residents outside Boarley House.

Wet wet wet! Angry residents outside Boarley House.

Retired carer and Boarley House resident, Philomena Gibbins 66, said: “I can’t sleep, because I think about the water all the time. I just think, ‘oh God, it’s still there’. I can’t live like this. I’m a pensioner; living in a flat that’s not flooding when it rains isn’t asking for too much is it?”

Turan Tunc, a 42-year-old father of two, criticised the emergency repairs team. He said:?“I have just been giving reference number after reference number. Pieces of paper with them written on are littered all over the house.”

Cllr Richard Livingstone, Southwark Council’s cabinet member for housing, said that an assessment of the building had been completed, identifying the gutters as the source of the flooding, and that work to repair this was expected to be completed by the end of the week. He also confirmed that the council would consider necessary compensation packages for any property damage caused. He commented: “I am sorry for the difficulties faced by residents of Boarley House and for the inconvenience caused by delays in resolving the matter.”

Water damage in Boarley House.

Water damage in Boarley House.


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