What do we know about gangs in Southwark?

Katherine Johnston (10 August, 2018)

Police are concerned about drill rap


The News understands that the two main warring gangs in Southwark are known as Moscow 17, dubbed The Russians, based on the Brandon and Crawford Estates in Walworth and Camberwell, and Zone Two, from Peckham.

According to well-placed sources, the dispute between the two only started relatively recently, and has escalated into a tit-for-tat conflict where they take turns to drive into each other’s postcodes, challenging their rivals.

Southwark’s illicit trade in narcotics is believed to be worth ‘millions of pounds every year’ – with gangs making significant sums.

Nearby Kennington is home to the Harlem Spartans, who are believed to be allies of Moscow17 and believed to be in a turf war with 410, the Loughborough Junction gang from Myatts Fields.

From Brixton south to Croydon, there is a complex postcode map with  dozens of gangs with ever-shifting alliances and battles across south London.

Many are drill groups – who rap in a style developed in Chicago and influenced by UK Grime – and some had previously blasted claims they are involved in criminality.

But many have self-proclaimed members behind bars – with some still uploading music with threatening lyrics from their cells.



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