Who ate all the pies? Traditional pie ‘n’ mash sees sales surge during lockdown

Josh Salisbury (13 May, 2020)

Manze's has had to hire extra staff as online delieries have surged

17099A Deliveroo rider picks up a Manze's order in Tower Bridge Road

Sales of traditional pie ‘n’ mash have surged during the lockdown, as at-home residents turn to having the traditional staple delivered.

M Manze, which has three outlets in Bermondsey, Peckham and Sutton, has seen its sales of hot pie deliveries treble during the period of lockdown, while overnight chilled pies for locations further afield have doubled.

While many businesses are having to put staff on furlough or cut hours, Manze’s has hired more staff, with others at the pie eatery now working longer hours to fulfill the increase in demand.

Some are using the delivery service to have pie, mash and liquor delivered to those who are isolating at home, said Emma Harrington, one of the directors of the business.

“Many customers are ordering online to deliver to a family member that perhaps might be in isolation or as a present to someone who is celebrating their birthday during lockdown,” she told the News.

“They have also said how they are bored of their home cooking or usual takeaway deliveries and pie and mash is a good alternative for a home comfort without the cooking and cleaning.”

Lunchtime is always busy, with the business setting up a dedicated queue at its premises for its delivery drivers to cope with demand.

Especially busy, says the business, is the service it offers for pie deliveries across the country.

“We are also inundated with our chilled delivery service that we offer throughout the UK,” said Ms Harrington.

“Staff are working longer hours and we have recently increased our deliveries to five days a week now instead of three days, to keep up with the demand.”

Waiting for closing at Manze’s Pie and Mash shop, Peckham, taken before lockdown (Credit: Stuart Freedman)

Lockdown has also meant a return to pie ‘n’ mash’s roots for the business, as traditionally they were served through the shop’s front windows for takeaway – which keeps social distancing.

“At Peckham and Tower Bridge we are lucky to have very large windows at the front of the shop which we have been able to offer customers takeaways through the window, just like they used to do in the olden days,” said the director, who is the third generation of family to take over the management of the popular pie shops.

But in other ways it has had to adapt in new ways as all businesses have, with staff wearing masks and gloves, and customers being required to maintain a 2m distance at all times outside if queuing up for a takeaway.


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