Woman rescued from Walworth flat blaze

Kevin Quinn (23 February, 2021)

Fire investigators believe the fire was started by oils in a pan in the flat’s kitchen

4604Pic: London Fire Brigade

A woman was rescued from a burning Walworth flat yesterday evening (Monday, February 22).

The fire at the flat on Fielding Street at around 5.41pm is believed to have started by oils in a pan in the flat’s kitchen.

Twenty-five firefighters raced to the scene and using breathing apparatus rescued the woman from second floor flat bringing the blaze under control by 6.44pm.

Sub Officer Jonathan Birks, who was at the scene, said: “As we arrived at the scene, we saw smoke coming from a flat on the second floor of the block and upon gaining access, discovered a fire in the kitchen.

“Firefighters rescued a woman inside the flat via a communal staircase and worked quickly to bring the fire under control and prevent it from spreading to the rest of the property.”

Part of a three-roomed flat on the second floor of the building was damaged by fire.

The London Fire Brigade released the following tips on kitchen safety after attending the Walworth blaze.

  • Don’t leave cooking unattended on the hob or grill – if you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the heat.
  • Not feeling 100%? Order a takeaway – if you’re very tired, have been drinking alcohol or are taking medication that might make you drowsy, it’s safer not to risk it.
  • Try to keep the oven, hob, cooker hood, extractor fan and grill clean – built up fat and grease can ignite and cause a fire.
  • Double check the cooker and hob are turned off when you’ve finished cooking
  • Don’t try to tackle the fire yourself and don’t try to move the pan
  • Never throw water over a pan fire, as it could create a fireball


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