Women’s Equality Party candidate for Goose Green says politics is not a ‘battleground’

Katherine Johnston (26 April, 2018)

Candidate Claire Empson says she wants other parties to "steal our ideas and manifesto"

21541Women's Equality Party candidate for Goose Green, Claire Empson

The Women’s Equality Party is standing two candidates, Claire Empson for Goose Green, and Eileen Scholes, in Borough and Bankside.

Ms Empson, told the News:  “I joined the Women’s Equality Party as a founding member because I didn’t feel represented by my local and national government.

“Having lived and worked in East Dulwich for over fifteen years, I am both a local business owner and a mother at the heart of this community.

“Women make up more than half of this area but we are not represented equally or fairly by Southwark council.

“We see politics as a collaboration, not a battleground, and want other parties to steal our ideas and manifesto.

“We have been getting a really positive response on the doorsteps, people really seem to appreciate having an alternative to vote for that’s almost like an independent, very green, and local, as it’s just the usual parties running in Goose Green apart from us.

“I have autonomy outside of our WEP manifesto meaning you can count on me personally to take a positive interest in local women’s equality, childcare, violence against women and girls, environmental issues, LGBTGI+ issues, housing and the needs of small business owners.”


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