Young policeman knocked down by suspected thief in Land Rover

News Desk (14 April, 2016)

The Land Rover driver reversed at speed, taking the policeman down with him


A police officer was knocked down and injured in Dulwich today, while attempting to halt a Land Rover believed to be linked with a burglary.

The Land Rover was first spotted by an officer patrolling in SE21 at around 5.35pm, and suspected the vehicle was involved in a burglary earlier in the day.

The officer requested support, and a second Met Police response car located the vehicle on Village Way, and indicated to the driver to stop.

The driver stopped, and a second officer approached the Land Rover on foot, and opened the driver’s door.

The driver then reversed at speed, taking the officer with him, before crashing into parked cars.

The injured officer, a male in his twenties, suffered a suspected broken leg, cuts and bruising. He was taken to a south London hospital, where he remains.

A male passenger was arrested at the scene. The driver fled towards the railway tracks at North Dulwich station, and remains outstanding.



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