Youngsters are ‘at risk of PTSD’ from gang-related violence

Katherine Johnston (14 August, 2018)

'Gang members are at very high risk of becoming severely mentally ill'


Stabbings and shootings in Camberwell are putting young people at risk of serious mental trauma, says the chair of Camberwell Green’s safer neighbourhood ward panel, Mark Webb.

Mr Webb, who takes part in weapons sweeps across Camberwell to rid  estates of knives and other dangerous items, told the News: “People did not understand the world that the gangs are living in and that gang members are at very high risk of becoming severely mentally ill and will begin to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Carrying weapons, running and being chased by people, exposure to people being wounded and dying, constantly being hyper-alert for possible armed conflict – these are exactly the things that give soldiers PTSD. But, troops and front line military personnel have professional help and support and they generally recover from it.

“These young people aren’t getting that help. They are just drowning out the worst aspects of PTSD with the misuse of drink and drugs.”


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