(02 December, 2015)

Gambling Act 2005

Notice is given that on the 25th November 2015; the Council Assembly adopted the Southwark Statement of Gambling Licensing Policy for 2016-19. The policy will take effect on 1 February 2016.

The statement of policy
The Gambling Act 2005 requires every licensing authority to approve a statement of gambling licensing policy and to keep this under review. The statement of policy sets out the principles the council will apply when carrying out its functions as licensing authority under the Act. Southwark’s current licensing policy has been ‘carried over’ as the policy for 2016-19, with the only amendments made to deal with inaccuracies that have developed over time. This decision has been taken so as to allow time for a full review of the policy in the light of the publication of new Guidance to local licensing authorities produced by the Gambling Commission in September 2015.

A copy of the policy document may be viewed by visiting the Council’s web site using the link provided

Alternately, a hard copy can be obtained by contacting the Licensing & Environmental Protection Unit either by email at or by telephoning the Unit directly on 020 7525 5748.

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