Dulwich Hamlet suspend games – and offer facilities for use in fight against Covid-19

Sports Desk (16 March, 2020)

Duwlich defeated Hemel Hempstead on Saturday - there is doubt over whether the league will be completed

35463Aaron Barnes scored Hamlet's winner against Hemel in the last fixture before games were suspended. Photo: Ollie Jarman

Dulwich Hamlet have suspended all football activity “indefinitely” as the coronavirus crisis intensifies.

Premier League and EFL games were suspended this weekend, but there was a full schedule of National League South fixtures. The Hamlet came from behind to defeat Hemel Hempstead 2-1 in front of 2,376 fans at Champion Hill on Saturday.

Dulwich released a statement on Monday morning. It read: “The club today puts forward a plan to suspend all games indefinitely for the safety of all. This action reflects the reality that all experts agree the situation will worsen and that it will not be possible for our men’s team to complete the National League season before all player contracts come to an end and member clubs start going out of business.

“We have also notified London South East Regional Women’s Football League that our teams will not be playing until it is safe to do so. We hope that all football authorities start working to the reality things are likely to get worse before they get better.

“Our plan for the immediate future is to work closely with The National League to try and ensure the long-term survival of all 68 member clubs, as well as make our space and facilities available for community/organisational use in combating the Covid-19 outbreak.

“More information will follow, be kind to each other and look out for the vulnerable in our community. We’ll see you soon.”

Image: @Ollie_Jarman 


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