Fisher fans’ 25 mile hike for ground funds

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Fans will hike 25 miles to improve new stadium

2991Ian Murphy

Fisher FC fans are set to hike 25 miles next week in order to ensure their new ground is spick and span when they move in.

The supporters’ owned outfit have secured planning permission for their new stadium in Rotherhithe, at St Paul’s on Salter Road, and are set to move in during their next league campaign.

But the club wants funds to kit out the ground, as well as pay legal fees, and fans will burn the shoe leather on June 13 to help raise the cash needed. The Fisher fans have set themselves the challenge of walking to the site of their new ground from St Albans City ground, in Hertfordshire, who were formed in 1908 akin to the former incarnation of the current club, namely Fisher Athletic.

Fisher FC Communications Manager Ian Murphy said: “To make this a success, we need as many of our supporters and members to join in as possible – joining the walk, and encouraging friends and family to donate. “It may look like a bit of a trek, but surely it’s worth it for the benefit it will provide to our club.

“If you are unable to join us then please donate to help us get back where we belong.” If you’d like to join the walk, which starts at 8.30am in St Albans on Saturday June 13, email for more details. If you wish to donate to their efforts visit

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