Fisher five victorious on club show

John Prendergast (30 April, 2015)

Successful fundraising event for Fisher

It was a perfect night for the five Fisher fighters who took part in their club show last week as all won out at the fundraising event in Limehouse.

The annual event, held at The Troxy, raises cash for the Downside Fisher organisation and also allows boxing coach Steve Hiser to give his charges a run out in a competitive environment. The youngest Fisher boxer on show was Sacha Hickey, eleven, who impressed so much she was voted boxer of the night by ex-Fisher amateur Pete McDonagh.

Hiser said: “This was only her second bout and she took on Lucy Rumble from the Rumbles Gym who is a decent boxer. “She came out like a whirlwind, similar to how her brother boxes, and she gave her opponent two counts before the towel came in from the other corner.” Dominic Joyce, fifteen, also impressed Hiser with his showing. The Fisher stalwart said: “Dominic put on a display that would have been worthy of a seasoned international.

“Sacha picked up the award for fighter of the night but for the boxing purist Dominic was just as impressive. “He is beginning to grow up and in the last couple of months he has conducted himself in a correct manner in and out of the ring.” Kanisha Amery, seventeen, beat Yusus Taraajia from Miguels ABC in his outing despite conceding three kilograms in weight to his opponent. Denzil Ntimmensah, 20, a senior middleweight at Fisher beat Deon Clark, also from Miguels, despite having to face an early onslaught.

Hiser added: “Denzil hit him with all kinds of shots. It was impressive the way he held his composure when under pressure to eventually win on points.” The final bout of the night proved the most explosive as Fisher boxer Tomiwa ‘Big Tom’ Magbagbeola, a 22-year-old who boxes at 90kg, showed his punching power. “This was the last bout of the night and it was like something from Rocky. There were punches landing everywhere and it got the crowd on their feet.” Hiser said. “Tom can box but he got on top in this bout by simply trading shots. It was like a wild west brawl in there.”


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