Harrison searches for Fisher consistency

Admin (04 February, 2015)

The club's new no-nonsense manager is keen to get a settled team but has promised to take a hardline with players who don't perform

219Dean Harrison

Dean Harrison’s first win as Fisher boss at the weekend is only the starting point, he told the News this week, as he tries to turn the Black and Whites into a more consistent team.

Whilst the win was welcomed by all at the Rotherhithe club the no-nonsense manager is well aware that this cannot be a flash in the pan.

With that in mind he is hoping to write the wrongs of two weeks ago when Fisher lost to Lingfield in a ‘six pointer’ clash, as the reverse fixture takes place this Saturday.

Harrison said: “I don’t want to give anything away tactically but we need to continue with the approach and attitude we showed against Croydon.

“We need to carry on with that as we search for consistency now.”

The ever changing playing roster could see new faces again this Saturday but Harrison is keen to get a settled team, and he believes he is near to achieving just that.

He added: “We still have players coming in and we are looking at a couple more this week but what we had on Saturday against Croydon is not a million miles away from what we are looking for.

“We need to start settling down as a team and squad and the players are going the right way about it and we are on the right road now.”

But he once again stated he will take a hard line with anybody who doesn’t perform, particularly with their approach to games and their attitude once the whistle blows.

“It is the attitude I am continuing to look for as much as anything. The players attitude to me has never been a problem but on the pitch they did not always conduct themselves correctly,” the Fisher boss said.

“Some players here seemed to think they could get away with anything on the pitch, but it won’t happen now and unless I get 100 per cent from the players they will not represent this club.”

He added: “They did that [gave 100 per cent] last Saturday and before the game we said we wanted eleven men performing and we don’t want to hear any excuses about referees or opposition afterwards. We just had to get on with it and we did.”

The Fisher manager did single out one section of the club for praise, the fans. He said: “The fans were great on Saturday and we had the highest attendance in the league at the weekend. Their support was great and it is really appreciated by us all.”



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