Millwall fan Charlie’s victory inspired by Lions

Sports Desk (01 March, 2017)

Wynn defeated Ashmole after Millwall win

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BOXER Charlie Wynn revealed the balancing act in the ring after he took his professional record to 2-0 last week. Millwall fan Wynn, 27, defeated Welsh fighter Matthew Ashmole in a welterweight non-title fight at York Hall, on the same day his team had earlier secured a famous FA Cup win over Leicester City.

Wynn said that result “was a big boost for me” as he also paid tribute to his supporters, and feels there is room for improvement in his own game. “I felt good after the fight with another win under my belt,” Wynn said. “I was the last bout of the night and I had a lot of people come to watch me which was a pain for them, but they stayed late and made lots of noise for me for which I can’t thank them enough. “I wasn’t too happy with my performance, I was trying to work on new little things we’ve been talking about in the gym to improve my game, but started slowly and didn’t get going quickly enough. “We’ve been working on relaxing a little bit, but I think I started to relax too much in the first round.

I was always comfortable and felt in control, but he was game so I had to go up a gear or two in the next rounds. “It’s hard to try and work on new things, while remembering to also do what you’re good at and win the fight. You sometimes get caught between two minds and wish I just let my hands go a bit more. It’s all good experience. “Millwall winning against Leicester was a big boost for me, I was gutted I couldn’t be there,” Wynn added. “I weighed in at two o’clock, but I went back to one of my trainers’ house in north London after to watch the scores come in.

“I thought we had blown our chances when (Jake) Cooper got the red, but we were both jumping around his front room when (Shaun) Cummings stuck it away at the death. “It was blinding. I had a few fans that were at the game, including my old man, and they said the whole day was pukka, and me winning that night put the icing on the cake!” Wynn, who combines his day job as an electrician with his boxing career, took a week off training after the victory and is eyeing up another fight at York Hall in late April.


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