‘Postman’ Peter Crouch delivers season tickets to surprised Hamlet fans

Sports Desk (13 August, 2021)

Supporters got a pleasant surprise when they opened their front doors

47070Peter Crouch at Champion Hill. Photo: Liam Asman

It’s not every day you answer the door to find a former England striker standing outside – but some in Dulwich experienced that pleasant surprise on Thursday. 

Peter Crouch, a man of many talents after entering the world of media and podcasting after a long and successful career at the top of the game, turned postman for a day as he delivered Hamlet season tickets to lucky fans.

Crouch posed for selfies with supporters ahead of the season-opener at Champion Hill against Chippenham Town this Saturday.

The former Liverpool and Tottenham centre-forward – who had a spell on loan at Dulwich early in his career – joined the Hamlet board this summer.

Crouch then headed to Champion Hill for an open training session, kit launch and season-ticket pick-up.

Crouch said he will have a hands-on role with the club this season as he takes his first steps into the executive side of football.


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