Southwark pupils make splash at Peabody Gala

Advert Advert (20 July, 2016)

Forty five primary school pupils from Southwark made a big splash when they took part in the annual Peabody swimming gala.


Six schools, English Martyrs, Michael Faraday, St Peter’s, Victory, St John’s and Townsend sent pupils along to the housing association’s pool in Darwin Court, Walworth.

Event organiser Zahed Abedipour said: “At Darwin Court, we believe strongly in providing access to swimming facilities for children in the local area.

“Swimming is a life-saving skill and one of the most effective exercises for physical well-being.

“Hosting this gala was part of Darwin Court’s effort to encourage more swimming activities within the local area, as well as to reward children with the thrill of competition for all their hard work in their swimming classes.” Students who took part were aged between six and twelve, and the event was part of the housing association’s community commitments.

Darwin Court provides lessons for ten schools within Southwark, including children with disabilities.


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