Tennis stars show their talent

Admin (24 June, 2015)

Southwark City Tennis Club involved in talent search programme


Several budding tennis stars from Southwark City Tennis Club took part in a talent identification programme at the weekend which hopes to pick up top players early on.

Jubril Andu, Lucas Ebert, Annis Frimpong, Fiona Ebert, Ugochi Ojinnaka and Jesse Clarkson were invited to the sessions which took place in Sutton on Sunday.

The young players were put through their paces with speed and co-ordination testing as well as different drills to assess their tennis skills. The tiring 90 minute sessions saw the best performing players invited back to county training sessions. In team tennis the Burgess Park club secured the top two positions in the under ten Aegon Surrey league when the first team defeated Telford Park 5-1 in its final match to take top spot.

The under eight team could not repeat the achievement after losing 9-7 to Wigmore. The men’s second team defeated Lifetime Tennis 5-1 but could only finish second in the league to local rivals Camber. Meanwhile Southwark’s mixed doubles team scored a comprehensive 7-1 victory over Edward Alleyn. For details on adult and junior tennis in Southwark visit


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