Tournament aims to unite communities

Sports Desk (31 May, 2017)

League tournament (CUL) to be held in Kennington


AT LEAST sixteen youth teams from different international backgrounds will compete in the Community Union League (CUL) in Kennington later this month.

The aim of the league is “facilitating cohesion and assimilation into the wider society”.

Youth players representing countries such as Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Ecuador will take part. CUL Social Secretary Dr Husam Awadalla said: “The league is all about football, a sport that unites people of all backgrounds and that they relate to. “CUL will provide the different communities in the UK an avenue to compete together in football, bringing communities closer to each other and facilitating cohesion and assimilation into the wider society.

“This is targeted to the youth, specifically those under 20, with the aim of engaging young people in useful activities and sway them away from crime or extremism and terrorism.

“On the opening day there will be cultural, heritage, and recreational activities such as folk dances where performers from the different communities will be wearing their national costumes. “The closing ceremony will include welcoming speeches by the organising committee of the festival, plus various recreational performances and the handing out of the trophies for the participating teams.”

The tournament will be held from Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, August 20 at Kennington Park Football Ground (SE11 4BB). For more details email


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